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Important Anti-Federalists

George Mason

Wrote Virginia's Bill of Rights
He knew that America needed a stronger government, and attended the Constitutional Convention
However, he did not sign the Constitution for several reasons:
  • No Bill of Rights 
  • Slavery compromise-Counted "other persons" a 3/5th of a person.  For 5 slaves, 3 would count toward population
  • Fugitive Slave Clause-people who escape slavery to a state without slavery shall be returned

Fought ratification, didn't want Virginia to agree

Patrick Henry

May 29, 1736-June 6, 1799
Famously said "Give me liberty or give me death"
Fought against ratification, thought Constitution gave central government too much power while downplaying individual liberty and states rights
Helped fight for Bill of Rights 
Washington offered him secretary of state and chief justice, but he decline
Ran  and was elected for 1798 legislature, but died before legislature met

Edmund Randolph

August 10, 1753-September 12, 1813
Attended Constitutional Convention, and along with Madison presented the Virginia Plan
He DID NOT sign the Constitution because of serious problems he had with it, like:
  • Didn't like one-man executive branch
  • Thought government had too much power

However, at Virginia's convention, he supported ratification as the practical thing to do